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Every mamelo product is designed to stay and made to last. Ready for many wear cycles and circularity.

We ensure this by designing out waste and trends. Using only durable, natural and sustainable materials, converting them into timeless essentials makes the perfect foundation for circularity.

In addition, we design in a growth allowance. Each mamelo product has an oversized, spacious fit and comes in double sizes to grow along with your child for up to 12 months, thus extending the lifespan of the product.

However, the challenge of “kids grow, clothes don´t” remains and can´t be fully solved by any design hack. At some point your child will outgrow its mamelo and needs to upsize.

Once this happens, you can return your mamelo to us. Regardless of its condition. We take back every mamelo. We don´t let any mamelo go to waste. Never!




In a nutshell: Choose a new, pre-loved or recycled mamelo and trade-in your outgrown one.

With our take back and no waste philosophy we commit to buy back any mamelo at a fair percentage of estimated resale value. By doing so every mamelo is given a second life by either being re-sold as pre-loved item in our shop or being recycled to become a recycled mamelo product.

When you trade-in your outgrown mamelo you can choose between a store credit for your new favorite piece of the same category in the next size in new, pre-loved or recycled or a cash out. The amount paid out to you is determined based on the condition of each garment. We try to give back as much as we can based on the resale value of each piece. Our mission is to reduce waste, keep every mamelo in use as long as possible and make sustainable fashion more affordable.

When we receive your traded-in mamelo, we process it through an in-house quality check, which will determine the value based on its original retail price and condition. If your mamelo was well loved and has wear and tear with slight defects, we will try to mend it and put it back in our shop as a pre-loved item. If your mamelo was too well loved, is completely worn out and can´t be cleaned and mended anymore, we are happy to take it back as well. We will recycle the wool with a fabric recycling company to reuse the fiber for our recycled mamelo collection. As said – we do not let any mamelo go to trash. Never.

In our pre-loved section you will find cleaned mamelos from “like new to well-loved”. Some mamelos will have been mended by us and will be identified as such when browsing. This circular approach allows us to close the loop, which will benefit the planet and your wallet.