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Our take back program was designed to be as easy and time saving as possible.

  1. Fill in the return registration here, click send and wait for the confirmation and return documents.
  2. Ship your mamelo for free: clean and pack your mamelo, print out the shipping label, put it on the parcel and simply drop it at the next post office.
  3. Once we have received your parcel you´ll get a confirmation email the next business day.
  4. We then will do a quality check to assess the condition of your traded in mamelo and to classify it into the right category.
  5. Depending on which option you have chosen in the return registration we will send you the information about the amount of the store credit or cash out. This will take up to three business days after we have received your parcel.
  6. If you have chosen to get a store credit, we either send you a voucher code or credit note depending on if you have already purchased your new favorite mamelo or not. If you wanted to get a cash out, we will transfer the money to your bank account.

Bitte beachte, dass wir nur mamelo Artikel mit dem Originaletikett am Produkt zurücknehmen können. Der Grund dafür ist zum einen, dass wir sicherstellen wollen, dass es sich um ein mamelo Original handelt. Zum anderen, weil wir die Nummer auf dem Etikett dazu brauchen, um jeden Gebrauchszyklus eines Artikels verfolgen zu können. Sollte das Etikett aus irgendeinem Grund verloren gegangen sein, kontaktiere uns bitte im Voraus unter recycle@mamelo.de.



When we receive your item, we do a quality check and categorize it based on the condition it is in. Once a condition rating is applied (see table below), a price at which it will be purchased from you (payout) will be calculated based on the resale value. 

The payout is determined based on the condition of each piece (ranging from "like new" to "needs repurposing") and whether you would like to get a store credit or cash out: 

*Store credit: to be redeemed for one new, pre-loved or recycled item of the same category in the next size

**Cash out: calculated based on the items original value.


Like new: Store credit 30%* / Cash out 20%**

Looks like it has never been used or washed.


Gently used: Store credit 30%* / Cash out 20%**

Worn and washed, well taken care of with slight to normal wear marks like light piling, a loose thread or missing button.


Needs love: Store credit 20%* / Cash out 10%**

Worn and washed, with repairable wear and tear like heavy pilling, small ladder or removable stain. Can be fully cleaned and mended.


Needs repurpose: Store credit 10%* or shipping label for free return.

Worn and washed, with unrepairable wear and tear like unremovable stains, unrepairable cuts and holes.  Can´t be mended and cleaned anymore.