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Our mission? To slow down the children's fashion game and make sustainable fashion accessible to all. We believe in the need to radically change the way we consume and use clothes. We need to stop considering clothes as disposable goods. We need to stop repeating shopping tours and endless consumerism. We need to start thinking and acting circular.

Would you like to become a game changer, too? Great! Join us in our mission and become a mamelo family member. Choose your mamelo favorite for your little one, wear and care for it with love. Once your kid has outgrown her or his mamelo, you return it to us and upsize for a new one with a discount or you get a cash out. Then we take over and care for the rest. We will clean and mend your preloved item and send it off again to begin its new journey to make another kid happy.

Was your mamelo item too well loved and couldn’t be cleaned or mended anymore? No worries. We have your back. We will take care of it as well. We never let any mamelo go to trash. Never. We collect damaged pieces and make new yarn out of it. You will meet them again – this time as recycled mamelos.

This is how we think and act. Join us and let's talk circular.