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At mamelo we put purpose over profitability. Our core values are deeply rooted in our DNA and are our guiding lights on our mission to slow down the children´s fashion industry and radically change the children’s fashion game for the good of all.



Latin longaevitās - long life

The best we can do to minimize waste and reduce our carbon footprint is to keep products in use as long as possible and not let them go to trash. Longevity is the basis to achieve this.

At mamelo every product is designed and produced to stay a lifetime – and beyond. We put quality, longevity and circularity first. Always. Only if these requirements are met, we let an idea become reality. For us there are two main pillars when it comes to longevity for a product – timeless design and durable materials. With this in mind we start our design process. We do not follow trends. Every piece is designed to stay. To last several years, for generations to come. That´s why we only do essentials in neutral, genderless colors.

We only use the most sustainable materials available. Natural, renewable and certified materials with a low impact on people and planet.

Less new, More use. This is mamelo.



We think classic styles. To really change the fashion game, we need to change the way we think about clothes, how we treat and care for them. Considering them as disposable, replaceable goods is not an option any longer. We need to stop following trends and hunting for bargains. We need to cut back on fast fashion and “wear once” items. We need to start making conscious and well-informed decisions.

That´s why we design out trends and create high quality essentials only. Timeless pieces, that can be handed down from generation to generation.

Less trends, More essentials. This is mamelo.



Latin circularis - the fact of a constantly returning to the same point or situation

We think, design and act circular. Always. Only if an idea for a product can prove to be 100% circular, we bring it to life.

We design out waste and pollution as best as we can by using only certified, natural and renewable materials that are durable and can be recycled at the end of their lifecycle.

We keep products and materials in use as long as possible by offering to take back every mamelo after its use and to give it multiple more lives as mamelo pre-loved.

We never let any mamelo go to trash. Never. Neither a final product nor leftovers from production. We take back and collect everything from our collection and its production. With our no waste policy we use all scrap for mamelo recycled.

Less linear, More circular. This is mamelo.



While we are aware that there is no such thing than perfect when it comes to consumerism and producing fashion goods, we can do a lot to change the current status. To start we can reflect and identify the pain points to ultimately make the most sustainable choices with the least impact on the environment.

We believe that all we need is less. If we all do a little less of everything it will make a difference regarding the impact we have on the planet.

That´s why we at mamelo aim for less. Less products, more use. Less trends, more essentials. Less sizes, more lifespan. Less new, more pre-loved.

While we know doing a one-eighty is mission impossible we can start to move towards this direction and to slow down the fashion game by making one conscious decision at a time. Choosing better products with a less negative impact on people and planet.

Less More. This is mamelo.



We love quality. And we love to fall in love and start an emotional bond.

These things make our hearts leap for joy.

For us it´s all about love and care. We need to stop considering clothes as disposable goods and start valuing them again as precious items. To treat them with love and care. The same way we look after our friends and beloved ones.

We appreciate and respect nature. We design with love and we care for our products. And we do not make compromises. We only use sustainable, renewable resources and design out trends.

To create precious pieces of clothing. Timeless, high-quality essentials that are designed to stay and made to last.

Less trash. More value. This is mamelo.



When we decided to bring mamelo to life we followed our hearts and started living our passion. We put gut feelings over rational thoughts, led by our instincts and emotions. Some called us brave, some crazy. But this time we refused the normal and listened to the voices of our wild hearts. We decided to seek the challenge and leave the well-trodden paths behind.

It´s about exploring the new and unknown, stepping out of the comfort zone and embracing the apparently impossible.

With mamelo we took off for a beautiful, determined and wild-hearted adventure.

Less normal. More adventures. This is mamelo.